• Relaxing Swedish Massage Traditional techniques used to calm and relax tight muscles.  Nourishing massage oils are used to hydrate the skin and massage will help improve circulation, boost immunity and improve general vitality. 

  • 60 min $75

  • 90 min $105

  • 120 min $145


  • Deep Tissue Massage Massage and stretching techniques are applied to body tissues to loosen stubborn areas of tension. Generally less oils are used and techniques such as muscle friction and myofascial release are used to help relax muscles.

  •  60 min $85

  • 90 min $115

  • 120 min $155



Hot Stone Massage


Come experience the power of heat. Heated basalt stones are used to help melt away tension and reach deep layers of muscles to create the ultimate relaxation.  A great treatment for arthritis, fibromyalgia and many other chronic diseases. Choose from the following hot stone massages:


  • Hot Stone Experience Indulge yourself with the relaxation of heat. Hot stones are placed on your body, sending beneficial heat down through your muscles to warm and detoxify your body.  Stones are also used during the massage to sweep warmth across your muscles for a one of a kind experience.

  •   60 min $90


  • Deluxe Hot Stone Experience The ultimate in relaxation. Placement of hot stones and warm massage leave you feeling incredibly relaxed and recharged. 


  •  90 min $125


Pregnancy Massage

         60 min $85

Due to high demand, please note that massages should be booked at least a week in advance or further in advance if you are looking for a specific day or have limited availability


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