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Rebeca can answer that for you.

Pore size is genetically determined so, while you can't actually shrink them, there are some things you can do to minimize their appearance.


Pores can become enlarged and even infected when they're clogged with dead skin cells. Consistently use products with AHA's and BHA's to keep pores clear and healthy.


Dehydrated skin can trigger your oil glands to produce more than they normally would, leaving an oily shine that magnifies the appearance of pores. So don't skip a moisturizer, even if you have naturally oily skin!

Boost Collagen Production

Both aging and sun damage lessen the body's production of collagen and elastin, making pores sag and elongate. Find products that include collagen boosters such as peptides and adenosine to help your pores appear tighter and smaller.

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In the morning, a cleanser will remove oil and sweat that your skin has produced overnight. It also removes any remaining products from the previous night's skincare routine, as well as any buildup of dead skin cells. This helps your daytime products to penetrate better, allowing the active ingredients to do their job!

Aside from removing any makeup or sunscreen, your evening cleanse will also remove any environmental pollutants that have built up. If left unchecked, pollutants can create irritation, cause changes in texture and clarity, and even start a cascade of free radical damage that contributes to the aging process. Yes, using a cleanser is an important part of aging gracefully!

Tip: Consider double cleansing. The first cleanse breaks down makeup, SPF, and oils. The second cleanse is then able to deep clean your skin.

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For over a decade we have seen the hair scene dominated by the blonde balayage technique. It is a beautiful way to add highlights and dimension to the hair. 2021 we will be seeing more of the same Balayage technique used in reverse to had boldness, depth and warmth back into the hair. This also will give the hair a break from the bleaching over and over. Its a wonderful reset for the hair without losing the beauty and creative style that is so much in demand.

Reverse Balayage 2021 hot Trend

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