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  • Four Oaks

For over a decade we have seen the hair scene dominated by the blonde balayage technique. It is a beautiful way to add highlights and dimension to the hair. 2021 we will be seeing more of the same Balayage technique used in reverse to had boldness, depth and warmth back into the hair. This also will give the hair a break from the bleaching over and over. Its a wonderful reset for the hair without losing the beauty and creative style that is so much in demand.

Reverse Balayage 2021 hot Trend

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  • Four Oaks

The evolution of a layered hair cut over 40 plus years with length, width, and depth being the foundation of each and ever one of them. We know them by the long layered, shag, skater, emo, the scene. We have changed the name and the finishing techniques over the years but the end result still can look beautiful when done right.

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